How To Optimize The Website For SEO Step By Step

SEO is a more powerful tool in Search engines. If you want to get your business website on the first rank in google then you should hire an SEO expert who helps your business to explore the internet world. Today, I will talk about the SEO process or what process you should follow in your SEO adventure, and what things you have to know when to start doing SEO.

How to optimize the website for SEO step by step

While lots of bloggers share more advanced tips related to SEO nobody to share the information what things we know before starting SEO. When beginners start their SEO journey, they think about what has to do first, how to get a ranked website. So they start searching keywords without knowing what is the exact business. Always keep in mind whenever start SEO you should analyze the all-over website such as what is the website, what is their domain authority, what is page authority, what is website speed, and more.

Here are some basic steps that I should follow:

1. Analysis of the Domain Authority

2. Examine page authority the website

3. Know website spam score

4. What are the backlinks of a website at present?

5. What kind of keywords rank on google for the website?

6. Study website title and description

7. Who are the top real competitors?

8. Research website speed

9. Have an XML sitemap

10. robots.txt file

11. Web layout is good

12. Website heading tags

13. SEO friendly content

14. Website images and their alt tags

15. Have 404 errors

Here I mentioned some important factors that you supposed to follow whenever starting any website SEO. One more thing, you can take help SEO analysis tools they can help you to analyze the website.

If I miss any other important factor related to SEO analysis then mention it in the comment box unless following me and stay tuned for a more upcoming piece of content.

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